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A bochur celebrating one year on GYE!

obormottel Wednesday, 04 May 2016

I am known as a very good bachur and I learned in all the top yeshivas.

I have struggled with these issues for years and years, which ruined my geshmak in learning and davening.

I have tried many times to stop and was never able to do it. Eventually, I gave up and assumed there was simply no way out, and I just gotta live with it... until I found GYE, Boruch Hashem!

I have no words to express my feelings toward GYE!

I feel better than I've ever felt in years!

I've learned many different views and got tremendous chizuk during my year journey since coming to this amazing family!

I just hope that all the other bachurim (I know there are many!) that need it, can gain just like me!