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A big Mazal Tov to "7Up" on reaching 90 days

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 21 February 2012
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For those who are unfamiliar with the "family life" of our lively forum, "7Up" is not just a "another" member; she is a phenomenon in and of herself! In her short time with us, she was promoted to "Global Moderator"; has become known as the GYE Rebbitzin; and many of the younger members (like Uri and his "sisters"; Trying, Habib613 and Letakein) call her simply "Mom". She helped transform our forum into a lively, homely and fun place, besides offering priceless wisdom, wit and chizuk to inspire us all (not to mention cake, 7Up, and her favorite food - ice-cream!)...

This e-mail is in 7Up's honor, and we will bring some inspiring posts from her that we can all learn from.

Recently, she became so involved in the forum that it was holding her back in other areas of her life (what can you expect? as they say in AA: "once an addict, always an addict" :-). Her Rebbe suggested that she take a break from the forum for a few weeks, but we're sure she'll return soon. About a week ago, she wrote as follows:


To my dearest GYE family,

I had a meeting with my Rebbe; a wonderful and wise mechanech who was my teacher back in sem and with whom I've kept very close contact.

After hearing everything I had to share with him, he has advised me to take a break from the forum for a little while. This must be part of my cheshbon hanefesh.

I have no words to explain my emotions right now. The last 9 weeks, since joining GuardYourEyes have been probably amongst the most growth oriented in my life. I have gained friends who are really worthy of the name; honest neshamos searching and fighting second by second in order to get closer to their Father in Heaven. It has been an honor to be connected to everyone here on any level at all.

Girls, keep holding each other up. Two new "sisters" have joined, and the fun is just beginning. Through laughter you will beat the "menuval"; he is too busy looking for your tears.

IY"H I wont be gone for too long (as I think I will lose my mind).

May Elul be a time of introspection and growth, and may Hashem embrace your honest teshuva yet today.

With respect, gratitude, and love

Meanwhile, 7Up's spirit remains with us and we have "inside information" that she continues to read the forum and the daily e-mails from behind the scenes (yes, we know you're reading this 7Up)...

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