Tuesday, 04 August 2015

1 year sober!

by Aryeh (See all authors)

Dear GYE,
The 9th of Av was my one year anniversary of not spilling z"l. And that is the same day I came to GYE. So I am happy about that milestone, because I lived it every single day, one day at a time. And because I don't remember such a long span of time being clean in my life.
It is true that I reset my count on the chart to start again, because I saw once undesirable material knowingly, and according to GYE it is considered a fall (but that very day I picked myself up). And I am half way to 90 days for the second time because of that one and only fall. But honesty is another gift I got here on GYE.
It is very true that I owe to Hashem the place where I am standing today (and the road is still long, but with His Help all is possible), but, in truth, without GYE it would not have been possible. I am full of gratitude, and I pray that together we shall witness the re-building of the Mikdash with coming of the Moshiach, Amen.