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Yechezkel's Story

GYE Corp. Thursday, 15 December 2011
Part 4/5 (to see other parts of the article, click on the pages at the bottom)

David replies to this powerful story with a poem:

What a story
in all its glory.
This is a wake up call
and chizuk for us all.
But as the details start fading
your memories you may start craving.
The Y"h aint asleep
for a while he may stay quite - no peep.
But as you start cruising
at your computer you may find yourself snoozing.
So while you are on your high
to Hashem you should outcry
to help you get close to Him
with deveikus to Hashem Elokim.
Because without him we cannot
weather this storm.
Once we have been shot
we are not anymore the "norm".
As the others have mentioned
you need to take prevention.
For some it was a week and some a year
but one thing to us was clear.
When we thought we can do it alone
the Y"H after some time threw us a bone.
And with our face in the p**n
we return to the forum.
So learn from the ones that tested it for you
it's tried and true.
Stick around with us
and catch this bus.
Stay for the ride
now that you removed your pride.
Acknowledge how hard it is to stay away
and don't fall as prey.
Not any more my friend.
Y"H you're done
as we fight with one thing and only one.


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