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Want to leave

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 15 May 2012

G-d said to Moses, I will take the Jews out from "Sivlus Mitzrayim". The word "Sivlus" means to "suffer" and "endure", but it also means to "tolerate" and "bear". The Sfas Emes explains, that in order for G-d to take the Jews out of Mitzrayim, they had to want to leave Mitzrayim. But as long as they were willing to "tolerate" Mitzrayim in their hearts, they wouldn't be able to leave. That is why G-d first had to take them out of the "Sivlus Mitzrayim" - "tolerating Mitzrayim", before he could take them out of Mitzrayim itself.

The same applies to the journey that each and every one of us takes in this world, to break free of our own personal Mitzrayim. As long as we are still " Sovel" and willing to tolerate ourselves being in the clutches of the Yetzer Hara, we won't be able to break free. So before we can pray to G-d to help us break free, we need to pray to G-d to take us out of being "Sovel" the Yetzer Hara. We need to pray that he should make us truly want to break free. This can happen in one of two ways. Either G-d puts it into our hearts to hate the evil inside us until we can't tolerate it any more, or, if we are not as worthy, G-d can make our lives fall apart until we hit bottom and have no where to go from there but up.

Let us pray that we don't need to go down the latter path, and pray instead that G-d put into our hearts a true disgust of the addiction and the lusting.