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Uri's Win

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 08 February 2012
Part 1/3 (to see other parts of the article, click on the pages at the bottom)

We all know Uri on the forum... He's one of the most "colorful" GYE members; musical, poetic, deep and funny... Well, everyone's tests are different, and Uri, being a real sex-addict (and Ba'al Teshuvah), had taught himself since his early teenage years to run away and have relations with various girl-friends that he had. Since finding GuardYourEyes, Uri is currently in his longest stretch clean from real relations since the age of 14, having made that his "red-line" that he would not cross (see "Uri's Party" in Chizuk e-mail #578 on this page).

But Uri suffers from chronic depression. And recently, Uri posted that he was having "a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day". And we all know what that means for a sex-addict.

Finally he wrote:

"Ok, I can't take it anymore. Red line, shmed line. Sorry guys.
I still have the number of a girl I almost met up with a month ago, and I called her and we're meeting up tonight.
I don't know if we'll go all the way,
I just want a girl to walk down along the beach with, that's all.

I love you all, and appreciate your concern.
I'm just a little too far gone right now.
And no guilt trips, please.
And while I'm gone, someone please try to summarize the Tehillim thread.
It keeps people interested."

(The Tehillim Thread, which was Uri's idea, is where the forum community post about one perek of Tehillim that they say for each other each day. Often, Uri posts beautiful insights on that day's Kapitle).

After this post, Uri signed off of the forum and he wouldn't answer his phone either...

But the love and support of all of Uri's friends from the forum over the past few months, didn't let him rest. He ended up crashing at the house of one of his close friends/partners from the forum, who made a BBQ in his honor and had long talks with him till late into the night. He ended up pushing it off "just for today", and he called the girl to tell her that he couldn't make it, saying that maybe he'd come tomorrow instead. She tried calling him back later, but this time Uri didn't pick up.

This morning, Uri returned to the Forum and wrote the following:

"I was in such a bad place yesterday morning, that I was basically placed in front of a train with my hands bound. But my Tatte in Shamayim is sending me hugs, left and right. The least I can give back to Him, is not to spend the night in a beach-front hotel with this girl...."

And then on his Tehillim thread, Uri posted today one of the most beautiful posts that he has ever written (and that is saying a lot!). See Uri's post/story below.

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