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Those who come to be purified are helped

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 17 January 2012

We got an e-mail a few days ago:

Hi, I'm almost 16. Do you know of any filters I can put on my mom's computer that she won't know about?

The very next day someone sent us an e-mail:

I am using a great product called PC Pandora. It works very good. It costs $70 for 2 licenses and I found a coupon, so I paid only $54.38. I used just one license and I'm ready to donate the other license. It's a very broad and good program.

Visit their site and you will see

It does everything:

- It filters

- It sends reports every 12 hours

- It sends keystrokes

- It runs in stealth mode (hidden in the background) or open

- It captures pictures

We put the two of them in touch... What open Siyatta Dishmaya!