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The World of the Hardened Heart

obormottel Friday, 03 February 2017

The sedra starts with 'come to pharoh because I have hardened his heart.' Wouldn't it have been better to say 'go' rather than 'come.' And why is the hardening of the heart a reason to go, surely it's a reason to not bother?!

The word 'oilam' comes from the word 'ne'elom', which means hidden, or lacking. The world is named this way, because the manifestation of G-d's presence is lacking. Pharoh is the prime example of the lack of manifestation of Hashem, as he said, 'who is Hashem that I should listen to Him?"

Hashem is hinting to us (through this possuk) 'come to the world' (pharoh = the world) ie, 'come' = with Me, not 'go' = on your own. 'Come with Me to the world, because it is a place which hardens hearts - it is a material and flashy place, which numbs and desensitizes the heart, so take Me with you, hold Me close, cultivate a relationship with Me and then you will be successful.'