Thursday, 01 December 2011

The Real Me

Aaron, who is clean for 2 years, sent us an e-mail:

by Aaron (See all authors)

B"H I'm doing better than ever. Slowly, staying sober and working on living right, I'm discovering a REAL PERSON underneath the exterior shell. I never knew he existed, I was always just "different". But B"H, no more. I am now like everyone else.

Of course, that comes with challenges. While other people have been aware and in touch with their real selves for many years, and have worked on good ways to channel their natural reactions, for me, it's all brand new. Although I now react (with anger, irritation, happiness, appreciation, etc) like a "regular person", I don't know how to channel it. I'm an adult, but in some ways I'm immature.

Now for the mea culpa. I went with my family to a hotel and came out with them to the outdoor pool. Big mistake. But I went back in, never to go back out. My wife is so sweet and clueless, and I tell her, and she gets it and says "no problem, I'm proud of you", but it's really all up to me.