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Success stories - short and sweet

By Hashem Help Me

obormottel Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Success stories - short and sweet

1) A chaver who speaks/texts regularly with me, reached out for help today. His wife had been off limits for a very long time. There were very challenging moments, but with work and b'ezras Hashem he stayed clean. Today she was to go to the mikva but this morning she found blood. As he put it, being that he had been in touch with me daily, he felt comfortable reaching out and sharing this awkward personal info. As a result of reaching out, he b"h pulled through the horrendous test, which I know from my past is a recipe for acting out big time

2) A bochur in Eretz Yisroel who is in touch, texted from the bathroom as he was about to get into the shower and act-out. He said it took tremendous courage to push "send" because he really wanted to do it, but being connected saved him. B"h he is sleeping now, physically and spiritually clean.

Iy"h by you and me too!