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Slave to my Phone

obormottel Monday, 22 May 2017

We got a "venting email" from a woman a few weeks ago:

How can I say no to my phone? Sometimes, I think to myself that it's pathetic that I need to keep looking at Instagram, Whatsapp profile pics, Facebook etc., not for porn, but just because either I'm bored or to see updates. Again I'm just venting to get it out and admit that, I guess, I'm addicted to my phone. I honestly feel like a slave sometimes.

Yaakov Responded:

Download here a booklet I wrote on Technology for the Stolin Karlin Chassidim. It has a lot of good ideas and chizuk in this regard.

See also these great videos about technology addiction on GYE's video site.

Meanwhile, let's start with one step... Can you agree to leave your phone out of your bedroom at night? In other words, don't sleep with it next to your bed. When you go to sleep, leave it charging outside of your room. At least this way you won't be falling asleep while looking at your phone, and looking at it first thing when you get up. Are you willing to take this step?

She responded:

Yes, I am willing to do that. It will feel great to have some freedom from it. I will look at the booklet and see how it is. Thank you!

Yesterday she wrote:

Since the beginning of the month, I have been putting my phone in my closet and haven't had it next to me at night! Almost two weeks since!!!

When I look at my phone after I do negel vasser, I think, "That's all I missed?" I'm happy I didn't wake myself up for that nonsense. It's nice to have freedom and for me to have some kind of boundaries.