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Save me from Myself!

GYE Corp. Thursday, 09 February 2012

This morning I woke up very early (4:30 AM) and I was tempted to see what I could find on my Sky-TV. I am so sorry that I fell for this temptation in the first place and nearly slipped. However, I flicked through a few channels to try and get something which I should not be looking at, and I found this religious xtian channel... Normally I wouldn't mention anything to do with xtians, but this channel showed three musicians in the old city of Jerusalem singing part of Hallel, "Anah Hashem Hosheah Nah"(Please Hasham save us now!).

This was so beautiful, it stopped me in my tracks and tears welled up in my eyes. Even though I do not deserve it, Hashem literally did save me from myself.

This seems to be a hard time for me, I am being tested a lot and I really don't want to be tested. Please Hashem, save me now! Save me from myself.