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Our own personal Kriyas Yam Suf

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 25 April 2012

In this weeks Parsha we read about Kriyas Yam Suf - the splitting of the sea. Even after the Yidden had left Mitzrayim, Pharaoh chased after them. And they would have indeed been lost if not for the Emunah and Messiras Nefesh of Nachshon Ben Aminadov, who Chaza"l say went into the water up to his nose before the Yam Suf finally split and the Yidden were saved.

Each one of us can experience our own personal Kriyas Yam Suf. Indeed, even after we have left the Mitzrayim of addiction behind us, the Yetzer Hara continues to chase after us and try to drag us back into Mitzrayim. He asks as Pharaoh did: "How could we have let the Bnei Yisrael out from our servitude?".

And it is only with pure faith and Messiras Nefesh, like Nachson ben Aminadov, that we can be successful in truly breaking free of the Yetzer Hara's grasp forever.

But as long as we still haven't done all we can on our own, Hashem says to us "Ma Titzak Elai? Daber El Binei Yisrael Ve'Yisa'u! - Why do you cry out to me, tell the Children of Israel to move forward!". One may ask, "Where should the Yidden have gone, into the sea??" And the answer is, YES. Hashem indeed asks of us Messiras Nefesh and Emunah in our personal struggles to break free of the Yetzer Hara. Even if it looks hopeless and we don't believe we will succeed, we must MOVE FORWARD and do all we can with complete trust in Hashem (even if what we are doing seems insignificant to achieving the goal).

So how do we fulfill "Ve'yisa'u -Move Forward"? We must be ready to enter into the deep waters of commitment by doing things that take what feels like Messiras Nefesh. This includes putting in strong filters (and giving the password to someone else), telling someone close to us about our struggles and being brutally honest with ourselves and with Hashem. And when we have done all we can and then we cry out to Hashem "Hatzilaini, Ki Ba'u Mayim Ad Nafesh - Save me, for the waters have come until my soul!", at that moment "Hashem Yilachem Lachem Ve'atem Tacharishun - Hashem will fight for you and you shall be silent" and we shall experience a miracle as great as the splitting of the sea!