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My Life Has Completely Changed

the.guard Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dear GYE administrators,

I have no words to express my thanks and gratitude towards what you are doing here; you saved my life. Not only my life, but the lives of my children and grandchildren as well, you saved my generations. How would my children grow up with such a father? To a certain degree they were like lebedige yesomim (living orphans). My life prior to joining GYE has been one long streak of hell, completely messed up. I was totally locked into my next fix and didn’t care about anything. Now, in recovery for the last 150 days, my whole life has changed, my house has changed, B’ruchnius U’begashmiyus, and the whole atmosphere is totally different.

After keeping a long streak of 101 days clean, I started falling again. So for the first time, I decided to join one of the live phone conferences and I felt the immediate and massive impact on me. The 90 day chart, the TaPHSiC method and reading the hand book over and over again were all helpful, but NOTHING compares to the live phone conferences, which are like 'coaching' where you get trained how to implement the 12 steps L'maaseh'.

Since I’m on the path to recovery, my wife tells me all the time that she feels like she got a new husband; it’s the first time in years that I care about her and our children. I started learning and Davening three times a day, I even joined the Daf Hayomi for the first time in my life and finished Mesechtes Broches!!! It’s the first time since my Yeshivish years (some 16 years ago) that I did a Siyum on a mesechte. Can anyone imagine my joy, the spiritual satisfaction, the Simchas hatoroh I have?

Although I still have a long way to go to full recovery, I finally feel that I am on the Derech Hamelech, I’m heading up the Hill. Until I discovered this wonderful site I was heading down; down the drain…

There are many Kiruv organizations today B”H, but no other organization is being mekarev FRUM Yidden who have lost their way.