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Lost My Job

Helping people "hit bottom while still on top" is one of GYE's goals. Below is a story posted on our forum, that highlight the result of these destructive behaviors.  Let's not wait until the addiction causes irreversible damage to our lives!

GYE Corp. Monday, 19 December 2011

I am introducing myself as a way of forcing myself to face my own problem honestly. I am well passed adolescence (>50), yet I feel I never really grew up in the area of porn.I had to finally face reality when I was asked to leave my job for viewing Porn.

Through counseling, a supportive wife, and much tefila and limud, I have come a longway - from regularly looking (& worse things!) to an occasional urge, but I know I am at risk for the rest of my life. And in thought, sexual fantasies still creep into my mind (if not invited in) when I am bored and weak.

We all need to realize that with the technologic advances and tolerance that has made our lives easier, we must pay the price of continuous "brainwashing" by the media and world around us. May Hashem give us all the wisdom and strength to be drawn to Emmes and away from Sheker.