Learn from everyone

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 09 May 2012

On our site we brought some rants (here) from a non-Jew who found that his addiction to masturbating was preventing him from going out to meet women and so he decided to try to stop completely. He opened a blog to keep track of his progress and I bring you here some more thoughts of his, from when he was still starting out. (There's always something we can learn from everyone... )

Based on my experience on going masturbation free for 4 days I can definitely say that masturbation is not healthy, it makes you feel less of a man, it's bad for self esteem and confidence. Look at it this way, anything you are too embarrassed to share in public with close friends can't be healthy right? I feel more confident, I don't laze about anymore, I'm more focused, and I don't procrastinate as much and have goals in my mind all the time. I do have to force myself to snap out of it once in a while, usually I do this by thinking of the most unsightliest thing that comes to my mind, like a pile of dog sh-t on my favourite dinner plate. That usually does the trick and very shortly the drive fades away.

Ever since I gave up masturbation so have all the other timewasters; videogames! Masturbation and spending hours playing computer games have previously engulfed my free time. Now I have discovered the joy of reading. One of the book that was on my online list was titled "the multi-orgasmic man…

There were a few things that I have realised from reading the first 3 chapters of the book on the way home. One thing that sticks to my mind is 'after a man ejaculates, his pillow looks prettier than his wife'. I also learnt that under lab conditions scientists found that micro-worms who ejaculate live for 6 days, where as worms who do not ejaculate live for 9 days. Also plants after growing seeds, die shortly after. The whole multiorgasmic topic is all about withholding sperm, the facts that I've read have motivated me to carry on with this wank-free mission. Because ejaculation can be majorly detrimental to health, and it makes sense because ejaculation drains out all energy from a man's body as the body is furiously at work trying to reproduce sperm for the next round.