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Kiddush Hachodesh: Sanctifying Our Time

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The first Mitzvah is that of Kiddush Hachodesh. The posuk says 'Lachem' which signifies that we have control over setting the month.

What is the significance of this Mitzvah as the first Mitzvah given?

The answer is in relation to the issue of time. A slave is not in control of his own time. He gets told what to do and when. Whilst we were slaves to Pharoah, we were not in control of our own time. At the time of the Geulah we became free and therefore gained control over our time and our activities. This is the message of Kiddush Hachodesh. Now that we are no longer slaves, we have control of our time and have to use it wisely in the service of Hashem.

How many of us waste hours and hours of time as slaves to our addictions?

May we all have a full Geulah soon!