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I learned the hard way

GYE Corp. Sunday, 13 May 2012

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I learned the hard way!

I have just finished a painful bout of prostate inflammation in my bris that was the most painful experience of my life. Urinating was a nightmare and sex was out of the question. The catheter they inserted almost blew out my brains. I was in the hospital for a week on antibiotics and I wouldn't wish the pain on my worst enemies. I knew it came as a Divine punishment for my watching p-rn and for doing things with my wife that I shouldn't have just to satisfy my lust. I have decided to implement the 12 Torah Steps in my life. I have told my wife and Rabbi, and I am once again going to minyanim at the shul instead of staying home to watch porn. I hope my story will warn others so that they stop their bad habits before they have to go through the hell that I have been through.

Prostate Sufferer