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Haoros l'parshas Yisro

obormottel Friday, 17 February 2017

Vayishma Yisro - Yisro heard.

Yisro heard about K'riyas Yam Suf & the victory over Amalek.
Vaysaper Moshe l'chasno... - And Moshe described to his Father-in-Law
To draw his heart, to bring him nearer to Torah (Rashi)
ess kol hatla'ah asher metza'asam baderech-all the travails that they encountered during their journey.
At the sea & Amalek. (Rashi)

Many have asked: If Yisro heard these stories prior to his coming why did Moshe retell the tales?

The news media reported the wondrous phenomena of the splitting sea. They announced the spectacular victory of the Jews over the Amalekites. What they failed to mention, though, is the dire straits that they found themselves in prior to those miracles.

Moshe felt that a prerequisite to being a Torah Jew is to learn how to properly view the difficult times in life. How we are to deal with the times that life's script does NOT go according to the way we wanted it. How to 'see' Hashem's hand in everything.


Vayomer ma hadavar asher atta osseh la'am,
Madi'a atta yosheiv levadecha,
v'chol ha'am nitzav alecha min haboker ad erev.
Vayomer Moshe l'chasno ki yavo eilai ha'am lidrosh Elokim.

The words Mah Hadavar can be read to imply wonder, as in Mah rabbu maasecha or Mah ahavti Torosecha.

Yisro was impressed with the steps that Moshe Rabbeinu was taking to avoid even a slip. Moshe Rabbeinu made sure that if he ever was sitting alone in a room, others should come in & check up on him! He should always have someone standing over him!

Moshe responded, "If I want to be a mevakesh Hashem, I MUST have the people come in to my chambers. I cannot afford the privacy. Even a tzadik can slip when he is alone!"