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Haba Litaher, Misayin Lo

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 07 February 2012

I've been doing pretty good lately B"H, using a combination of strong filters and vows to keep myself clean. This morning though, while I was just getting up and still feeling groggy, I got a crazy idea in my head. I had thought of something inappropriate that my filter would let me bypass, and "technically" it wouldn't be transgressing my vows either. The Yetzer Hara convinced me that I just "had to" check it out to see if it "really was" as bad as I thought, and if yes, I would need to put up better fences to block that too. Although I recognized the voice of the Yetzer Hara, I couldn't convince him that it was too dangerous for me to "check it out". So I went into my office and turned on the computer, planning to check it out right away. But the strangest thing happened. Just as the computer was loading up and logging into the internet, it jammed. I tried clicking on different things but nothing happened. This had never happened to me before (it's a new, top-of-the-line computer).

Well, you can imagine that I got the "message". I quickly made a vow not to access that particular site, and thanked G-d for miraculously saving me!

I was forced to press the "restart" button on the computer, and this time everything loaded up without a glitch.

How wondrous are the ways of Hashem! How much He loves us, even while we are slipping!