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Freedom From Abuse

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 03 January 2012

I would just like to share with you something incredible which just happened to me.

3 days ago it was my 40th day without masturbation and porn. I got a kind of fever, cough, sore mouth and throat and I was generally feeling not so good. At night just as I was saying the Shemà before sleeping, I started remembering a sexual abuse I had completely removed from my mind, that I received from a person extraneous to my family when I was young. My whole body became rigid and my endocrine system was clearly overreacting, but I was ok because the memory was surrounded by a kind of green protective vapor.

The following day I felt that the sexual fantasies which have tormented me for more that 20 years were sensibly diminished, and I realized they were just repetition of that memory!

Had I known before that healing from such a pain would have be so easy, I wouldn't have waited until age 33 for joining this website!

I can't describe my feeling of freedom from an awful interior condition! I hope I will go on healing!

To those who are struggling as me: Chazak Chazak venis-chazek!!! It's definitely worth fighting the battle!!!