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the.guard Monday, 01 July 2013

My struggle started back in 1997 when I first found the internet at work. That's when it really became an addiction and it started taking up lots of time from my daily life, even at work. Before the internet, I still had the problem but I used other methods in order to get my instant fix. It started out very innocently as a kid and all kids are curious and I started with magazines then progressed to movies on TV (dirty channels), then it was dirty magazines and 900 number pay lines. In 1997 I was married already with one child and it became an addiction, I just didnt know it was. It started out with cybering then that wasn't enough and I did phone sex and then what happened was, I stepped over the line and I cheated on my wife with one person and it ultimately led to my divorce and broke up my family which started my life going downhill and it's been downhill ever since. I'm still struggling with it now.