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Discipline Builds Resiliency

By R.T.

obormottel Wednesday, 01 November 2017

Dear GYE,

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. You have been providing hungry souls like me with the nutrition and encouragement to keep going and keep climbing. I am eternally grateful and pray for your compounding success.

My journey was nothing short of a miracle. In the beginning, I felt it's time for me to lift off and leave the bad habit behind.

I set up a routine that I decided to stick to no matter what. I knew that I needed positive and successful habits so that the days Hashem gives me would be filled with good fruits.

Throughout the day I would pay attention to my emotions and feelings and try to be as focused, relaxed and happy as I can be. I strive to work on my goals, which are to be successful in my field of work.

I have printed my daily disciplines and mark them off every evening. I believe goal setting and successful discipline create and build character and resiliency, persistence, and perseverance, and these are essential traits to breaking free. G-d truly gave me the gift of discipline and I put my faith in Him to direct my steps in His path.