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Danger Zone

GYE Corp. Sunday, 15 January 2012

A triggering teen, 'babysitting' young children, sat literally right next to me in the children's park one day (she honestly looked 'needy' as if there was not much love in the home she was coming from: she looked sad-wanting attention). The park is directly across the street from our house.

I IMMEDIATELY(!!) turned the other way to my 3 year old daughter sitting on my other side and began talking to her about 'anything at all'(!!).

My daughter soon wanted to go on the swings, so we went.

Danger over. Whew.

Later in the house I asked my wife if it's 'normal' for girls to get so 'innocently' close to men? (I'm the crazy one, remember.... I didn't have a clue what 'healthy' boundaries are, so maybe my precious wife, who I'm blessed to be with, can enlighten me into the 'real' world).

My wife responded with a smile:

"Yes, I saw you outside and what happened. She must have some issues."

(WOW! Imagine if I had given even one inch to the yatzer hara and started 'innocently talking' to this girl. "C'mon" you say "it's normal", "fit in already". No thanks. I'm very happy being "crazy" - about Hashem and His people).