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Being close to G-d

By Arye

GYE Admin Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dear GYE,

Thank you for your congratulations on my reaching 1 year clean, it touched my heart deeply. Thank you, GYE, it definitely would not have been possible without you.

Lately, I have been meditating, a practice that I have learnt recently. If I can work at its root, it will do away with these maladies of the mind. Maybe, this is a posuk in Tehilim that describes it:

ואני קרבת אלקים לי טוב, שתי בא-דני יה-וה מחסי , לספר כל מלאכותיך.(73,28)

The best thing that is really good - and it is the only good - and it is the greatest of the goods, is to be close to Hashem. But my eyes, my feelings, and my emotions don't see it that way, so there is no choice and no other way, but to trust Him. Put your trust and sense of security on Him. Then, I could see and tell all of his great deeds and miracles that He does, especially with me.

GYE, thank you and thank you again. BE"H, I intend to be sober till Mashiach comes, there is no other choice. May Hashem help me to choose Him to enlighten me when my path is dark. Then, may He help me see that there was never a dark place, everything was lighted under His sun, His infinite light and love.

Be well, friends, adios!