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B'chol Kareinu Eilav

By Leah

obormottel Sunday, 01 May 2016

As I was reading through some of the hashgacha pratis stories on this site, I was inspired to share an amazing story that happened to me a couple of years ago. Baruch Hashem, I have done sincere teshuva for my old ways and would never find myself in this situation again, but I just wanted to share. Here's the story in short...

My boyfriend and I had been dating for five years already and we were planning to get married, so we made plans to stay at a fancy hotel and have a cozy night together. The school I was in didn't allow the girls to sleep out without earning it. We calculated exactly how long it would take me to earn a sleep-out slip and booked the hotel accordingly. We talked of our plans often and were very excited! As the date got closer, I became increasingly uncomfortable and nervous over the thought of the night, but all was booked and in order. The day finally came, and we were at the hotel ready to check in. I was upset at what I'd gotten myself into and so badly wished I could back out and go back to school...

We got the room. Room number 613! The sign was very clear to me, and I whispered to Hashem that there's nothing I could do anymore because my boyfriend would never understand and be very upset at me if I cancelled. It was too late! I apologized to Hashem for ever planning this and begged him to make sure I remained kadosh.

Every detail of what happened in the minutes following is true: Hashem answered my tefillos! My phone rang with a text from the seminary's messaging system saying that the school was on lockdown for security purposes and everyone must return to school immediately! (Even if you had a sleep-out slip!) Our night had to be cancelled, and I was able to pretend that I was devastated. The school was only on lock-down until the next morning, and this was the only time this happened the entire year! It was the only night I could not use my sleep out!

Hashem answered my tefillos and showed me that He loves and cares about each of his children and that He is prepared to do a major neis! There is no doubt in my mind that thousands of seminary and yeshivah students had to be on lockdown as part of Hashem's masterful plan to save me.

I carry the keycard in my wallet with the numbers 613 in big letters on its envelope as a reminder that we are not left alone in a random Universe to wonder. Hashem runs the world and is looking out and protecting each and every one of his precious children. Haba Letaher Misayin Lo! If you sincerely call out to Hashem, He will answer!