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An Opportunity for Teshuvah

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Today is day 25. B'H I see improvement everyday, but I still have a long way to go. I had an amazing thing happen to me yesterday. I was driving around near my office looking for a place to park, and a woman in a car drove in front of me. After the first look, I unfortunately made the mistake of a quick second look. That was a bad mistake, and I felt bad about it right away. However, shortly after, I was driving in the same spot, and a car was about to pass in front of me again, and I noticed for second that it was the same woman! It was the exact same situation! So for like half of a second I was like, "come on, another nisayon?!", but then I realized that Hashem is doing a chesed with me, giving me the opportunity of doing Teshuva moments after a mistake! That's Elul; Hashem is coming close and giving me the opportunity for Teshuva. It was amazing, and B'H I looked away quickly this time. Chasdei Hashem!