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A Message from Hashem

ChaimMod Friday, 17 December 2021
A Message from Hashem

I would like to share an amazing story of Hashgacha Pratis, that I've recently had with one of the GYE members.

We were reviewing the messages in our support system, and I came across an old message from a few months ago that was waiting for a reply. I replied to the message and the member replied with the following question:

"If I may ask, what happened that you replied to me just today - 2 months after my chat request? It is very interesting to me, and it proves an interesting point!"

I asked him if he's willing to share the details with me, he said yes and that I could even publicize it and make a Kiddush Hashem.

Here's the story:

"For many years I've struggled with watching inappropriate material, but I haven't ever participated in any program for recovery. About a year ago, I received an email about the GYE website.

"At that time, I owned a new flip phone, but I've never put on a filter, with the rationalization that it's just a flip device with limited access and visibility, but the real reason was because I (not the real me...) wanted it to be open for obvious reasons.....

"I decided to read of the booklets on GYE, and it gave me encouragement to go to a local filtering company to block my device. It's difficult to explain the amazing feeling of freshness & kedusha that I had then.

"I started keeping a notebook of clean days. The first try was 53 days!

"Then I relapsed. A few weeks later, I marked a new set of 67 clean, fresh good uplifting days

Then I relapsed again & I didn't start counting again.

"Since then, almost every day, I looked at my notes, blushing and asking myself, when will I have the strength to start a new set of clean days?

"Maybe this time I'll be able to keep clean even longer and beat the old counts.

"Nothing more happened. My acting out with watching inappropriate material went on and on.

On Wednesday 12/15/2021, just around 12 PM, I don't know why but I opened my notebook to start a new count of clean days and marked down "Day 1 – WED…"

"Just 3 hours later, I get an email reply from Chaim @ guardyoureyes, to a question that I asked a few months ago, …

I felt like Eliezer standing by the well, waiting for a sign from heaven to know which girl will be the bride for Yitzchak.

"The message that we can derive from this is that even in the darkness of our times, Hashem is still here with us and keeps on sending open messages. We just need to try to do our part.

"When you want to do what's right, you'll get clear signs from above with help & support that you need to be able to keep on growing stronger and stronger."