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A Choshuve Avreych

the.guard Sunday, 21 August 2011
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I would like to share with you my very sad story, so that you, Rabbis and the Jewish community in general will be able to learn from it. I am what the public calls a truly “Choshuva” “Avreych”, and with all due “modesty” I view myself as such as well. Nevertheless I fell terribly by viewing (and even worse…) from the worst sites available on the sticky web trap - The Internet – the Satan’s pitfall net! Am I truly Charaydi, or even Dati ? Where is my “Da’at” ?! May Hashem please forgive me and strengthen me in the future. It all started with my being on the Internet for business purposes. Before I started, I asked my highly respected Rabbi if I am Halachicly allowed to use the Internet even though I would not have a filter, (because I was not using my own computer), if it is clear to me that I surely won’t slip into the non Kosher sites and I have no other practical choice (”Lekah darkay achreena”).

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