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Worldwide Yeshiva Shovavim Initiative

the.guard Saturday, 23 December 2023
Worldwide Yeshiva Shovavim Initiative

The period of Shovavim (שובבי"ם) is a very opportune time for growth in the area of Kedusha.

The Yetzer Hara is working over-time to enslave us in the digital world of temptation. Just as Hashem took us out of the slavery of Mitzrayim, He is here today to help every Jew who wants to be free!

Join the Worldwide YEshiva Shovavim Initiative at

Rav Simchah Zissel (Der Alter) of Kelm wrote a letter to a group of bachurim who had undertaken special improvements in their avodas Hashem during the weeks of Shovavim. (Kisvei HaSaba MiKelm, Chanukah U’Purim p. 29.)

I rejoiced upon learning that you have been inspired in the path of kedushah, to go in the way of righteousness during these holy weeks of שׁוֹבָבִים תַּ”תּ. If only I could become part of your wonderful group!

However, our generation is not like the generations of old, who afflicted themselves physically, as is well known. The suffering that we endure by avoiding evil, by controlling our desire to speak that which is forbidden;by minimizing mundane chatter and by controlling our thoughts, whether during tefillah or as we go about our activities — this is more honorable and beneficial [than physical affliction].

… How pleasant is your lot, for you have bonded together to strengthen yourselves during these holy days. While it is not within our abilities to fast and afflict ourselves as in previous generations, without a doubt the discomfort of controlling our desires is more exalted and beneficial than the discomfort from withholding food and drink from ourselves.

And as we can see in this video by Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovitz Shlit”a, by working on this area together as a group we all increase each other’s strength!