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Vayakhel-Pikudei: We will intuitively know...

obormottel Friday, 06 March 2015

These portions of the Torah complete the account of the building of the Mishkan.

The work in the construction of the mishkan and its appurtenances required exceptional skills. For examples, the curtains were woven so that one side had cherubim and the other side had animals. This was not embroidered, but rather artistic weaving, done mostly by women.

Where did the Israelites develop such exquisite skills? As slaves, they dealt with bricks and mortar. Ramban says that when they received Hashem’s commandment to build the mishkan, they were so inspired that it brought out latent skills that they were unaware of.

This is a powerful teaching. We may all be underestimating our abilities. We may have talents and skills of which we are unaware. We should know that when we have a mission to do and a assignment to complete, we have the capability to do so. We just need to motivate ourselves.