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From the Front Lines (#1)

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the.guard Thursday, 23 April 2020
From the Front Lines (#1)

“AnonyJew” wrote:

I'm just starting out on my journey. I jumped right into the 90 day challenge and made it 5 days before stumbling. But I didn't let the fall drag me down and just brushed myself off and restarted, but I realized that signing up to this website and saying "I'm going to be clean from now on" isn't going to cut it. This will take real work, planning, strategizing and commitment.

I just received my Quick Guide To Stopping from the GYE team (write to to get it). I read through it and the handbook and I'm committing to a new strategy "90 Minutes to 90 Days". I'm going to b'ezras Hashem spend 90 minutes a day for the first 90 days working on this. I'm not sure yet what those 90 minutes will look like but I need to spend some serious time working on this. Here's to the next 90 days clean!

For starters, I found these 2 things helpful:

A) get a sefer to give yourself chizuk daily by making a routine of reading 1 page/per day (The Garden of Purity by Rabbi Shalom Arush is a good one). See GYE’s eBook section for tons of great material to read (or print out).

B) Get busy - Get your schedule filled with stuff to do. If you don't have work that can be done at home it's a great time to take up hobbies and learn things you've wanted to but didn't have the time for. Also a great time to create online chavrusa sessions.

“Guardian” wrote:

Something I noticed is that I almost never fall when I am being productive. Rather it is when my mind is engaged in mindless things that I often act out.

I recently installed a software on my computer called RescueTime. It tracks all my activities on my computers and categorizes them based on how productive the activity is. It then quantifies the results and tells me how productive I am. I noticed that it is very helpful as it pushes me to keep working on the next thing and thus limiting moments of boredom.