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The 12 Steps or the 10 Commandments - which will keep you sober?

obormottel Sunday, 09 July 2017
The 12 Steps or the 10 Commandments - which will keep you sober?

"Join us on Monday, July 10th and all week for our Launch into the Twelve Steps - Chapter 5 - How it Works"

“90% of the people who attend the Twelve Steps Meetings don't really understand the Twelve Steps!”

Are you part of the 10% or the 90%?!

It's not an exaggeration! I've attended many 12 Step Meetings and I am surprised how few of the attendees really know the accurate or deeper meaning of the Twelve Steps.

Do you know:

  • How Bill Wilson really wanted to write Step One?

  • What is the Cause & Effect of Addictive Behavior?

  • What really is the meaning of Unmanageability?

  • What is "Sanity"?

  • What are our "Will and our Lives"?

  • What's the difference between "Wrongs", "Defects of Character" and "Shortcomings"

  • What's G-d's Part in Recovery? What is our part?

  • What "muscles" do we need to exercise to Recover?

  • Once we're sober, how do we stay sober?

  • I'm a Frum Jew! What the heck can Bill Wilson teach me about Prayer?

  • Do I really need a Sponsor? Do I really need a Sponsee?

  • What really is the GOAL of the 12 Step Program?

Join us on the Monday Noon Call - beginning July 10 - and all week to get answers to all these questions!

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