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Re'eh: Weighing Loss vs. Gain

obormottel Thursday, 27 August 2015

You shall tithe all the produce of your fields (Deuteronomy14:22).

The Hebrew text lends itself to an interpretation that if you tithe your produce, G-d will bless you. You will not lose by tithing.

The Chafetz Chaim told of a peasant who brought his bundles of grain to the market. For each bundle he delivered to the merchant, the latter put a coin into a plate. By counting the coins, they would know the number of bundles he sold.

When the merchant was not looking, the peasant took a few coins from the plate. He didn’t realize that by stealing a few small coins, he was losing the much larger payment for a few bundles of grain.

Sometimes we do things for a temporary gain, and do not realize that the loss of our act will far outweigh the temporary gain.