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Personal request from Rabbi Twerski

obormottel Thursday, 06 October 2016
Personal request from Rabbi Twerski

Dear Friend,

I believe that in our generation, the single greatest danger to Klal Yisrael is that of immorality. The plague of illicit material on the internet has affected the type of people we would never have suspected vulnerable: yeshiva bachurim, kollel yungeleit and shomrei mitzvos lemehadrin. The Satan has won a battle, hurting so many individuals and families.

But in every generation, G-d in his kindness, sends down someone to sustain Judaism such as the Baal Shem Tov with Chassidus, Rabbi Yisrael Salanter with the Mussar movement and the Chofetz Chaim with Shmiras Halashon. We are extremely fortunate that several dedicated people have developed a network to help Jews who are caught in this trap: It’s one of my absolute favorite organizations and I have been involved with them in many ways since their founding (in 2007).

In my 40 years of psychiatric experience I can testify that traditional psychiatry and psychology are not effective on their own. GuardYourEyes provides a variety of anonymous tools, counseling and support for affected people, allowing thousands of Jews to get help. I get an average of five calls a week about this issue, and before GuardYourEyes was around I didn't have where to send people. Their success rate is phenomenal. I am personally aware of many, many people that have been saved.

The GuardYourEyes project is extremely important for Klal Yisrael today - it is truly a pikuach nefesh. Please open your hearts and give generously to help them continue their holy work. All of their services are free of charge and it's a great mitzvah to support them.

Right now, during the days of repentance, your support means more than ever.

May you be inscribed in the book of life.

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD

P.S. I would be happy to send an autographed copy of my new book "Teshuvah Through Recovery", which I wrote together with GuardYourEyes, to anyone who donates $500 or more.