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One Day at a Time

GYE Corp. Monday, 13 February 2012

I have the zechus of hearing Rabbi/Dr.Twerksi speak most days for a few minutes in between Mincha and Maariv. Today, Hashem gave me some much needed chizuk. Rabbi Twerksi asked the famous question from the parsha, what does the pasuk mean that Yaakov's waiting for Rochel felt like "yammim achadim"? Why did it feel quick, it should have been the opposite? And he answered something we all have heard many times, but it resonated a lot more with me today. He said that one of his patients, an alcoholic, once gave him the answer. He said what is "yamim achadim"? Singular days. HE TOOK IT ONE DAY AT A TIME!!! That is what made it manageable. He didn't say, "Ok, it's time to work for 7 years". That would be too hard. Instead, he said, "let me work today". And that's exactly what we all need to do!

While I have obviously heard this many times before on this site, it really struck me the way he said it. My Maariv was definitely different, and hopefully I can start living more right now.