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Jewish 12 Steps

Do the 12-Steps have Christian Ideas?

Do the 12-Steps have Christian Ideas?

GYE Corp. Tuesday, 31 January 2012

At the Agudah Convention in New York, 2009, Rabbi Twerski endorsed the idea of 12 step programs, saying "they work" and denying that they need to have a Christian component. Each of the steps they entail, he said, "is in Chazal." Rabbi Twerski also put out a book called "Self Improvement? I'm Jewish" which shows how the 12-Steps can all be found in Chazal. For more from Rabbi Twerski on the 12-Steps vs. Chazal, see this page of correspondence that we had with him on this issue.

There's also a great article called "Addiction & Recovery Through Jewish Eyes" by Carol Glass, which compares the 12-Step program to the Teshuvah Templates of the Rambam and Rabbeinu Yona, finding remarkable similarities. (Right-Click the link and press "Save Target/Link As" to save the PDF article to your computer).