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Fireproof Movie (2008)

If you're married and want to watch it, send a request for the password to



Is there an emotional blockage between you and your wife? Has your struggle with the internet impacted your marriage? This movie, made by, can RENEW your marriage! Well worth the 2-hour watch, if you try to internalize the beautiful principles that this movie brings out so well.

Note: The movie was edited by GYE staff to remove/cover-over anything deemed as even slightly offensive. However, it is still only suggested watching if you are married. (That is why we password protected it).


obormottel Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Someone wrote:

IMHO I found the movie to be waste of time. My husband predicted each part, and said they all typically end like that. No tips on marriage, just some fairy tale story.

GYE Responds:

First of all, it seems like your husband watches too many movies :-)

I think there are some very powerful messages in the movie that a lot of husbands need to hear:

  • The idea that marriage is a covenant, not a contract ("in both good and bad"), i.e. learning to truly be there for someone else selflessly .
  • The idea that taking the "actions" of kindness and love actually CREATES a real and deep love.
  • The idea that you can be a hero for the whole world, but if you aren't a hero to your wife - then it's really all about yourself at the end of the day.
  • The idea that if a person "defaults" to the trash on the internet when he's alone, it shows who he really is, and that he is no "hero".
  • The idea of how addictions are parasitic; they drain the life out of us and take us away from our goals and from real love and what we want from life.

These are NOT messages you find in every movie today at all.


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