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Dov's Shovavim Series (Derech Emes)

the.guard Sunday, 19 January 2020
Dov's Shovavim Series (Derech Emes)

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Dov's Shovavim Chabura (Derech Emes)

Topic: "Derech Emes - The Way of Truth"

The sefer “Derech Emes” (PDF here) is a classic chassidic work written by the author of "Yosher Divrei Emes" (a talmid of the Magid of Mezritch). It focuses on freedom from lust desires and is particularly appropriate for SHOVAVIM.

Dov, who gave the shiur, has been sober in SA recovery for over 20 years and has beautifully shared his understanding and appreciation of this powerful sefer through the lens of his own experience in recovery.

Disclaimer: If your struggles are "light" (only shmiras einayim on the street) this call may be a bit too heavy. Instead, we suggest either or these shiurim on Shmiras Einayim.

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