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Should I tell My Mother?

the.guard Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Dear Rabbi Twerski,

A woman called that she found out her father was using escort services and the like. I offered to send the father an e-mail telling him that someone in the family was concerned about him and wanted him to know about GYE and SA 12-Step groups.

She is a nurse, however, and she is concerned that her mother could possibly catch AIDS, hepatitis or herpes from the father who is doing these things. She wants to know if she should let her mother know and/or confront the father. What would the Rav advise in such a case?

Thank you!

Rabbi Twerski Responds:

Inasmuch as her mother is in danger of being infected, she is obligated to protect her.

She could tell her father, "I know it's not my business to dictate your personal life, even if I disagree with it, but your actions are exposing mother to danger. She must be told. It would be better if you told her yourself, but if you don't I will have to tell her."