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Why is this harder than quitting smoking?

Why can I quit other addictions but not this?

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Someone writes on the forum:

My name is Yechiel and I just can't believe it has come to this. I pashut can not believe that I have not been able to break this addiction. I quit smoking, I quit poor eating habits, I am extremely successful in everything that I have done or put my mind to doing in both ruchnius and gashmius... Why can't I break free of this addiction? Why can I quit smoking, but not this?

"Briut" responds:

You asked why quitting sexual aveiros is harder than quitting smoking. And I'd say, well, DUH. Hashem did not give us tobacco in order to make it easier to love, to mate, to ensure Jewish continuity. He did not give a special flavor of tobacco (on their eighth day) to the Jewish people to elevate Jews (or cigarettes!) to a higher form of free-will and divine service. And he did not give the Yetzer Hara QUITE as much sovereignty over tobacco's addictive features.

Hence, the physical pain of tobacco withdrawal, which I understand is much stronger than most realize, is not going to compare to the pain that a Jew feels in the body and the neshama. And it won't compare to the fight with the Yetzer Hara that must be fought and won regarding an area where Hashem seems to have given him so much control.

And only the guys on this site realize how deep the battlelines run, how much the battle is worth fighting, and how terrific it is to be part of an online army bringing victories to the entire Jewish people. So grab a uniform, buddy, it's gonna be a bumpy night - but we'll do this together!