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Who can help?

Can anyone help me? Should I confide in someone?

once-innocent Friday, 27 November 2015

Confiding and sharing your struggles is very important, but the people you share with should be “safe”. Experience shows that the people who can help you the most are those who have been there themselves. On GuardYourEyes you can connect to a whole community of brave strugglers who are working on themselves and making progress in this area.

Start by posting on the forum, chatting and finding a partner. You can also join the women’s phone conference. Once you make some friends on GYE, you can take it to the next level and start being in touch by phone. It’s very important to stay “out of your own head” and connected with others. Bringing the lust into the light by sharing it with safe people, helps the lust to quickly fade away. On GYE you can stay completely anonymous and safe.

Women or girls who need extra support or have questions, can be in touch with the women moderators: