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Where do I begin?

obormottel Wednesday, 19 August 2015

After the link in a recent e-mail where we wrote:


May we all learn from him, even a tiny bit, what it means to live completely for Hashem.


Someone asked:

"How exactly am I supposed to emulate the Toscher Rebbe, even just a little bit?"


Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step today.

Our bodies are like wild horses and our Neshamos are like the riders that are supposed to keep the horses on track. Over the year, the horses tend to get wild and the riders tend to slacken their grip on the reins. Elul is a time to WAKE UP and grab the reins again, and to remember who we are serving, and who is really in charge of where the horses go.

Examples of what we can do NOW:

If you are struggling with shmiras einayim, make a kabala bl"n from now until after Yom Kippur, that every time you take a "second look" or gaze at something you shouldn't for more than 3 seconds, you will need to give $10 to Tzedaka.

If you are struggling with not learning enough Torah each day, make a kabala bl"n from now until after Yom Kippur that if you don't learn at least 30 minutes in any given day you will need to give $10 to Tzedaka.

These little steps might not seem like much, but they put you back in the RIDER seat to control the horses that have gone a bit wild over the year!

Every little step we take towards living more for Hashem helps us emulate the great giants of our generation at our level!