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Info For my Wife

What information can I share with my wife that will help her understand my struggle?

GYE Corp. Monday, 16 January 2012


Hi, I'm suffering from an addiction to porn and I'm searching for articles I can show my wife about what it means for men to be addicted to porn, i.e. that would help her understand my situation.


We have a special forum on our network for wives of addicts to get support. You can have your wife sign up to our forum here and then send me her username and I will give her access to the "Spouses of Addicts" board.

Also, we have a special weekly phone conference for wives of addicts to get support and understand the nature of their husband's addiction. See this page. Be in touch with Miriam who moderates the conference. Miriam can be contacted at or you can call her at: 318-599-9408.

Here are some important articles for your wife to read:

a) Read this letter, written by a wife of an addict.

b) Read this letter by someone on our forum, written to the wives of addicts.

c) Read this story and this story for some good perspective.

d) An article on Aish for wives of addicts by Rebbetzin Feige Twerski.

e) There are chapters in the SLAA books on partnerships which will help couples cope with this together in the most constructive way. Two suggested books are "Sex and Love Addiction (SLAA) Anonymous" and (2) "Cybersex Unhooked". Both are available here.