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Using Maaser for Therapy

Can I use maaser money to pay for therapy?

the.guard Monday, 01 May 2017


Hi. Unfortunately my parents don't really support my going to therapy, so I pay for it myself. I basically work to pay for my therapy. I was wondering if I can pay for therapy using masser money?

If not, can I give my parents money and then they can use it for me? (B'H I cannot say they are poor, but not rich either).

Rav Dovid Morgenstern replies:

The first step is to decide if the person asking the question is obligated in ma'aser. If he does not have enough income to cover is yearly expenses including his treatments, than he is considered a poor person and is not obligated in ma'aser. If he has enough for all his yearly expenses (saving and monthly income) and has enough left over for ma'aser, he cannot use the ma'aser for his own expenses.

The same question are applicable to his parents. Do they manage their yearly expenses, including paying back an debts they have etc. If they do not manage then he can give his ma'aser to his parents as you outlined.