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The Lie of Depression

GYE Admin Monday, 21 November 2016

Don't believe the lie that things are hopeless because they feel that way. That is a chemically induced emotion. Yes, all emotions are chemically induced. But let's say you took a drug that made you deliriously happy. Even though you are going to a funeral and normally you would be sad and experience deep grief and loss, etc. you don't, because of this artificially chemically induced "happy" pill you feel like you're watching a funny movie.

Depression usually starts off with an event, a trauma, a period of long sadness / despair / hopelessness. Depression can also be genetic and have no point of origin at all. So, basically it comes down to not being able to cope with what is "normal" for most people. This does not make you weak or less than others. If I slipped a "depression" pill into your drink and you felt sadness / despair / hopelessness is it because you're weak? Of course not, no more than if you took a drug that makes you happy and you go to a loved ones funeral and felt happy are you therefore happy about the loss? No. The emotion does not fit your true response because it is overpowered by an artificial chemically induced emotion not triggered by the event or your natural thoughts, but triggered by a pill. I didn't slip a depression pill into your drink; however, the same rule applies. You didn't ask for depression. It's not because you're weak. But if your brain is "stuck" on the emotions of sadness / despair / hopelessness, as in depression, then you will feel that way REGARDLESS of the fact that your life is not hopeless or full of despair and sadness. The emotion does not fit your true response because it is overpowered by an artificial chemically induced emotion not triggered by your life or your natural thoughts, but triggered by depression. And YES, artificially induced because without this illness, without sadness / despair / hopelessness stuck in your mind all the time you would feel differently. Your emotions would result from your thoughts and your environment truthfully. Yes, your feelings are real but they are not the TRUTH! They may be true some of the time because everyone feels sadness / despair / hopelessness some of the time, but not ALL the time! Not even a majority of the time unless you are under a trauma or suffering a loss. So don't believe the "lie" that because you feel depressed most of the time your are weak or you are somehow messing up your life and that's why you feel this way. Or the idea that you don't matter and no one cares. It may feel that way but ask yourself, really think non-judgmentally for a sec, is that true? Be on your guard against feelings of sadness / despair / hopelessness and really question it. Because it's like wearing dark sunglasses.. everything looks dark.. but is it? If it's high noon and there is no solar eclipse QUESTION the validity that everything is truly dark!

There is a saying, if the shoe doesn't fit don't wear it. Similar to that, if the emotion doesn't fit don't believe it!