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The First Step - I Am Powerless

testchart1 Saturday, 06 June 2020
The First Step - I Am Powerless

Transcript of GYE Boost #164

If you get a chance to read Alcoholics Anonymous big book, you'll find the first of the 12 steps clearly described there to recognize that I am powerless to give myself over to my higher power because I am powerless to stop this behavior. I'd like to share with you. They got it one hundred percent correct. Mesillat Yesharim explains to us that Hashem created a force called the Satan. He's a Malach, He's an angel who's on the job all day, every day.

He doesn't get tired, doesn't get bored, is not easily distracted. He doesn't need to sleep at night while you're puffing away. Six hours, eight hours a day. He's there pacing at your bed, plotting, plotting, waiting for you to rise so he can pounce. And if you were left to fight him against you, it would be over. Mesillas Yesharim says no human being, the greatest of the greats could not fight the Yetzer Hara. And he explains that if it weren't for Hashem's divine assistance and understanding that I'm in a battle for my life, a fever pitched battle against an enemy who so outmanned me, so outguns me that I don't have a fighting chance is the first step. Because when I recognize that I turn my eyes to my creator and I say Hashem I did not choose this generation to be born into. I did not choose this battle and I surely didn't choose that Rasha as my enemy. Hashem I can't do it.

I take my heavy load. I transferred to you. I'll fight now. I'll give it everything I have, but I recognize I'm powerless, Hakadosh Baruch Hu I rely on you. Hashem I depend on you. Please help me. That recognition is correct. That recognition is the first step in really winning the fight.