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Stories of growth and triumph

All of us are living stories of growth, failure, and triumph.

obormottel Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Stories of growth and triumph

*I was getting my teeth cleaned today - by a female hygienist who had to reach over me a couple times. והמבין יבין. I tried so hard to control my thoughts and think of Hashem's love in giving me this test. And, you know what she said to me? "Wow! You're a great patient! Not even moving!" My gums were bleeding and it was painful, but I was focused on Hashem and passed with flying colors!!!

-By Neiro Yair

*About two weeks ago I was driving through a public park. I looked at all the parked cars lined up on the side of the road in my peripheral vision and said to myself, "Hashem, please help me surrender looking at women just until the Accord... the Corolla... the Acura etc."
And lo and behold, as I exited the park, there was a Nissan Pathfinder in front of me and I said, "Hashem! That's exactly what I'm trying to do! Find my right path in life! I love you!!!"

-By Neiro Yair

*I've heard as a girl still, that a man should be careful not to walk behind a woman. I always thought that was only for really extreme people, but I started noticing many times as I walk on the street how, if a man was a few paces behind me, would hurry along and pass me. It was then that I realized that this thing is real and that many people are careful with it. As a woman, rather than making me feel degraded, nowadays it inspires me!

Now, I pass a big Beis Medrash on my way to work every day, so there are usually men walking in the area. I start out from my house, across the street from the shul, but eventually, I need to cross over to that side to continue my route. There's an amazing thing that I've noticed, and it keeps on repeating itself: every time I need to cross and there's a man coming up the street, there'll be a bunch of cars passing and it takes me a minute or two to cross. By the time the man passes and is safely ahead, the traffic clears up and I can cross! I started noticing this incredible thing after I hooked up with GYE, and I take it as a sign that Hashem is proud of me for working on my kedusha and He's paving the way for me not to be machshil others!

- By Exhilarated Jew

*I am a Doctor and I have a few women working for me. One day, a young woman in my office was talking about a magazine she had and was sharing it with another. She asked me to look at a picture of a lady in the magazine who was popular today. As a reflex, I turned away twice. I was so proud of myself. I am not always perfect. Boruch Hashem, I passed this test and feel stronger for the future.

-By J Jay

*I have a great battle every time I enter the street. As a teenager, I took a summer job in a certain business. I had to spend many hours a day riding shotgun in a van being driven by a gentile male. He spent most of the time pointing out to me the different sights to look at on the street. I am not referring to historical landmarks. From that summer, I developed a bad habit of looking at everyone walking in the streets. Being a yeshivah man, this kind of behavior could create a huge chillul Hashem. I used to just try to fight the urge to look but that usually ended in failure. I recently started to encourage myself to guard my eyes by saying to myself: "I am going outside on a street full of opportunities; every time I turn away, it's Hashem saying, 'yes, I knew you could it, I am so proud of you.'"

-By J.R.