Friday, 21 September 2018

Sperm Exam

by Rav Dovid Morgenstern (See all authors)

Sperm Exam

Q: My Urologist requested me to do a Sperm Exam to check fertility after Testicles Inflamation. This is considered Zera Levatalah? Should I do it to be aware if I have any issues before getting married?

Rabbi Morgenstern responds:

A sperm analysis for an unmarried man is for sure considered Zera Levatalah. After marriage sperm tests are either by collection from the wife after being together, and if that does not work that using a special condom.

Perhaps it would be wise to know the cause of the inflammation and what are the chances that it caused damage. On u/s is scaring evident? Blood levels in range?

In rare cases where it would not be possible to find someone to marry because of the doubt, a process of electro-ejaculation could be used to obtain a sample. But let's save the details until it becomes clear that it is necessary.