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Sh'vuos is for us and for Him

By L C

obormottel Friday, 18 May 2018
Sh'vuos is for us and for Him

Entering Sheloshes yemai hagbalah

Closer to the Yom Matan Torah

Excitement and anticipation mounting

Ready to re-accept the Toras Chaim

Hashem chose us as His am segulah

What a magnificent privilege, what a simcha

The opportunity to connect to ruchniyus

Thereby live with a genuine chiyus

Naaseh V’nishma – we cried out earnestly

Accepted ol Torah eternally

At the same time, ‘kofar aleihem har kegigis’

Making keeping torah independent of abilities

Now that we’re forced as well

Hashem grants the strength always to fulfil

We were uplifted on this special day

To live a life above, in His way

We decorate our homes with flowers and greenery

Commemorating Har Sinai’s miraculous beauty

Of course, the cheesecake is there in abundance

In accordance with the many reasons for the dairy delectables

Torah is likened to chalav, the food of nourishment

Ki hatorah koleles kol hatoivos shebaolam – Torah is true fulfilment

In remembrance of the korban shtei halechem we eat

A separate loaf for the meals – milk and meat

Shavuos the yahrzeit of Dovid melech Yisroel

We read Megillas Rus, spend time with our tehillim’l

A day that we stay up learning with a bren

To draw close to Hashem with a craving like then

In touch with our neshama tehorah

Yearning to grow ever closer

Shavuos is chatzi for ourselves

For with Torah, even gashmi has purpose

Symbolised by a korban that is chametz once a year

And chag habikkurim – we celebrate the crops bounty

Kad yasvin Yisroel – the nachas we give Him, so precious

Through the effort despite the struggle that is continuous

Ahavas oilam ahavtanu – Hashem loves us unconditionally

We are His beloved children, always His am kadosh intrinsically